Things We Love: Royal Salute

At So It Goes we've been known to love a dram - and even better if the drink in question has a solid British heritage behind it. Royal Salute’s signature 21 Year Old blend – prepared with whiskies matured for at least 21 years - was created as a personal tribute to the British monarchy.

In the harsh post-war years, even 12 Year Old whiskies were a rare luxury. Royal Salute’s 21 Year Old blend paid suitable homage to the monarchy that helped preserve freedom. The 21 Gun Salute – fired in honour of a monarch or head of state and known as the Royal Salute – bestowed the brand its name and the first delicate porcelain flagon of Royal Salute. The first bottle was presented to HM Queen Elizabeth II on the day of her coronation in 1953 by Bronfman, the brand's founder, who was personally invited and attended the ceremony.

Since then, Royal Salute has pioneered the art of luxury in every detail – from bespoke blends to hand crafted flagons to the brand’s work with artists, artisans and philosophers. This year saw the appointment of olfactory artist Barnabé Fillion as Product Creative Advisor, where his work with the Royal Salute expert master blending team will challenge convention and innovation in whisky making.

Creative Advisor Barnabé Fillion
Creative Advisor Barnabé Fillion

Barnabé Fillion, Royal Salute Product Creative Director:

“For me, whisky is a liquid to discover with the nose. It’s so rich much like a perfume; it’s the magic alchemy of time and elements that create such a complex beauty. Royal Salute’s youngest blend is 21 years old, so it is only through time that the precious liquid is born. It is a privilege to contribute to the brand’s on-going investigation with time and I look forward combining technological advances with traditional techniques I have mastered in the olfactory world into Royal Salute’s future.”