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Things We Love: Le Logis

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Things We Love: Le Logis

Earlier this summer, So It Goes was invited deep into the Cognac region of France. Off the back of our seventh issue hitting newsstands, we armed ourselves with some of our favourite weather-beaten old film-cameras and looked forward to what we hoped would be as slow languid and stereotypically a French experience as possible.

An hour and a half outside of Bordeaux, we drew up to a building that oozed all of the above and more, but on closer inspection proved to be acutely contemporary and forward thinking. Le Logis, is the home of Grey Goose, so naturally what appeared to be a regal, quintessential 17th century manor house was anything but. Behind winding hallways and in back-rooms, Le Logis showed its true colours as we soon scratched the surface (past the pétanque in the courtyard and vintage bicycles propping up your doorway, naturally) to reveal beautiful open-kitchens sitting side-by-side, slick, dizzying immersive cocktail bars, a contemporary dining-room, library, and a Slim Aarons-esque pool almost carved into the picture-perfect view of rolling vineyards. 


Over the coming days, Grey Goose Creator and Cellar Master François Thibault, gave an expert (early morning) vodka tasting course, that was educative and insightful in the rarest of ways. Stay tuned for So It Goes’ A/W print issue for more on that front.

Other highlights included So It Goes creative director, James Wright, grossly embarrassing himself making bread, but - under the tutorship of expert Grey Goose mixologist and brand ambassador Joe McCanta - leaving with a deft and potentially lethal new Martini making skill-set to complement his new penchant for the Grey Goose, Le Grand Fizz cocktail. Check out the recipe below for what should be your new summer cocktail.


Excitingly, this year, the drawbridges are coming down, as Le Logis is being opened to the public for the very first time for two dates in August, France's...sleepiest month, to host an experiential weekend based around the craft of Grey Goose. This means a weekend of delectable French food, as well as cocktails - the house even has a fully equipped bakery, turning out perfect baguettes made from the same wheat as the vodka.

Le Logis will be open to the public 4-6 and 25-27 August - bookings are available through luxury travel experts Brown + Hudson.

If Bordeaux is a bridge too far, Grey Goose is bringing the Riviera experience to cities across Europe and the US - Ibiza, London, LA, Vancouver - their Boulangerie Bleue pop-up is arriving in more than 20 locations this Summer. Behind secret entrances, their new aforementioned signature summer cocktail, Le Grand Fizz, will be flowing - accompanied by woozy playlists for the Riviera Summer.


Speaking of Riviera Summers, it would be remiss not to mention that our last balmy night in France was soundtracked by the man behind the Grey Goose music, DJ Zimmer. With an eclectic mix of hazy electronica, soul and re-mixed old, French Classics, Zimmer managed to hit current So It Goes favourite Christine and the Queens, as well as older So It Goes favourites including Lee Moses, Boards of Canada, Monitor 66, Jamie XX Bibio and Midland. Zimmer mixed all together for a wavy playlist that made everyone feel just as they should - like it was the start summer.

Zimmer will be popping up at Grey Goose’s Boulangerie Bleue sites around the world to re-create the perfect harmonious, summer genre-skipping playlists that will bring you the sunset on a plate. Until then, have a listen to a preview righthere.

Bonne santé

Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz is served in a large wine glass to allow for the addition of high-density ice cubes, ensuring that each serving is kept perfectly chilled at all times. The iconic Grey Goose stirrer adds a finishing touch, whilst helping to recharge the effervescence, giving the cocktail its signature tantalising fizz. 

35ml Grey Goose vodka

15ml St-Germain elderflower liqueur

5 lime wedges

60ml chilled soda water


1. Build ice into an oversized Cabernet wine glass.

2. Add Grey Goose vodka and squeeze of 2 fresh lime wedges.

3. Discard lime wedges.

4. Add St-Germain elderflower liqueur and lightly top with chilled soda water.

5. Garnish with 3 fresh lime wedges and a Grey Goose stirrer.