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The Roxy Hotel

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The Roxy Hotel

It’s rare that we get to enjoy New York City without the looming prospect of shoots and meetings. Inevitably work related tunnel-vision sets in, and the city that offers so much rarely gets explored or enjoyed beyond our time on set.


With all of its offerings – New York famously and understandably prides itself on life outside the home. Unlike London (or even our second home, Los Angeles) New Yorker’s make a pact with the city that for what they lack in a home: space, air conditioning, quiet (and on and on) life in the most vibrant city in the world more than makes up for it: a necessary compromise worth making. After three years (in a past life living in NYC) this compromise on the solace vs. social life axis sits a little uneasy for us. We’re getting old and that stuff matters now.


Last month, we found a solution. After previously having stayed at the Soho Grand, located like a bullseye in the heart of Manhattan, we were fortunate enough to recently stay at its sister property, The Roxy in nearby Tribeca.

The Roxy proved to be a haven for us and the perfect springboard to enjoy NY like we used to, without the sceptre of 5am call times and cross-town meeting traffic.

TheRoxyHotel (dragged) 3.jpg

Waking-up – in the comfiest bed we’ve ever slept in – we had the freedom to just…walk the streets of New York. What a forgotten pleasure, even in the 90 degree heat. On our travels, we took in the expertly put together Garry Winogrand exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum and our favourite five borough sanctuary in the nearby Botanical Gardens. We caught-up with near and dear friends, and magazine contributors, and every night came back to a sanctuary that provided excellent service with a classic New York smile-and-a-wink efficiency.

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TheRoxyHotel (dragged).jpg

Our thanks to The Roxy Hotel for a perfect stay and rekindling our love for The City That Never Sleeps.

All photographs by So It Goes creative director, James Wright