So It Goes x Okay Kaya in Oslo: Part 2

So It Goes x Okay Kaya in Oslo: Part 2

On August 1st, So It Goes put on its first ever live concert with Norwegian-American singer Okay Kaya at the Emanuel Vigeland Museum in Oslo. This video is part two.

With its eight plug sockets, non-existent light and haunting acoustics, Kaya played for thirty-five lucky souls by candle light in the frescoed mausoleum. 

Before Kaya played a preview of her upcoming nine track album, So It Goes contributor, Sophie Wright began shooting a series of two videos with Kaya. The video shot at the mausoleum – hosted below for the very first time – is scored with Kaya’s track ‘I die slow’.  

Mirroring the contorted bodies and poses of Vigeland’s frescoes with Kaya’s movements and shadows, part one finds grace and sadness in Vigeland’s tomb.

Having taken in one Vigeland, we explored the more famous brother Gustav’s park in central Oslo. 

Arme skugge! Bry deg ikkje um eg smiler åt deg,
eg er sjølv ein skugge
av ein annan ein. 

Poor shadow! Don’t take it badly if I smile at you,
I am myself someone else’s shadow. 

by Olav H. Hauge, 1946


Director: Sophie Wright

Art Direction: James Wright and Lewis Carpenter

Styling: Madeleine Østlie @ CLM

Talent: Kaya Wilkins

Clothing: All clothing Chanel AW17

Special thanks: Chanel