We sit down and talk to West London dream duo Nancy Andersen and Jamie Travis, who make up two parts of Babeheaven….the whimsically addictive band that if you’re not listening to you should probably start.

BABEHEAVEN: We are in the process of recording an album, I am not sure if we are supposed to tell people that but we are… We aren’t signed yet but maybe we will be soon I hope

INDIGO LEWIN: Tell me about the birth of Babeheaven/ What's the story behind the name? 

NANCY ANDERSEN: Jamie and I have been friends since we were about 13, he used to play football with my dad in the park and I used to go and hang out. As we got older we became friends, and ended up working on the same street, I would walk past in the morning and in the afternoons we started hanging out and making music. After writing for a we had to start thinking about playing live so we gathered everyone else and became the band we are!

The question of naming  the band only really came up when we had to put our first song (Friday Sky) online and we had been toying with loads of ideas but none of them seemed very good. Babeheaven came up and it fit the mood of the song and felt not too serious so we stuck with it.



IL: Although Babeheaven is formed of many members, it seems that the relationship between you, Jamie and Nancy which is the essence of the band. Why is it that you think you work together so well?

NA: I think Jamie and I work well together because we don’t have exactly the same taste in music so we end up pushing each other to make music which is more interesting. As we have known each other for so long neither of us really feel we need to hold back when we are working together which is really good. 


IL: You’ve recently worked with Deem Spencer and toured alongside Loyle Carner but also opened for bands like Palace and Blaenoven. Do you associate yourself with a certain genre of music?

NA: I don’t associate us with a certain genre of music, one of the nicest things about our music is that it can go alongside rap or indi. Which is great, opening for Loyle Carner was great it opened up a whole new fan base for us. Of course some people probably didn’t care but getting through to just a couple people in the crowd is the most important thing.


IL: Do you have a dream performance scenario?

BH: Playing at Glastonbury would be pretty sweet, I like The Park stage.. I don’t have a dream scenario… Jamie can do this one maybe?

BH: Stage on fire!?

IL: What's next?

BH: More music more gigs more everything!


Photographer: Indigo Lewin