MELT Week 2016 - Powered by Artists

MELT Week 2016 - Powered by Artists

MELT week 2016 is the first edition of a pioneering event, led by MTArt, that sees the re-integration of contemporary art into the London cityscape.

#poweredbyartists is the hash tag and the name of the game.


© Ornella Fieres

© Leni Dothan

© Anna Fafaliou (and banner image)

Born from the desire to support, endorse and promote the artists of our generation, from the 4th to the 9th October, venues across the city will be opening their doors to art installations, performance walks, video art and inspirational talks. Venues include the Ace Hotel, Museum of London and Kings College London.

Access MELT's interactive digital map to find out more.

So It Goes have made this short teaser for the event below and are proud to be a media partner for an organisation that champions the creative mind and lends valuable support to the life of an artist in a hectic and expensive city.

More than that, we will be hosting a very special Cuban music afterparty to the MELT launch at the Ace Hotel on October 4th, featuring the amazing DJ team Soundspecies, whose collaboration in Santiago de Cuba with the bembé group Ache Meyi So It Goes Films chronicled as part of its film series for Havana Club. Check it out below.