So It Goes x Mubi Film of the Week

So It Goes x Mubi Film of the Week

In the second of our MUBI Film of the Week selections, we have chosen The Rise and Fall of a Small Film Company by Jean-Luc Godard.

The auteur’s auteur, Godard is the second director to feature in the So It Goes x MUBI Film of the week after last week’s Rumble Fish by Francis Ford Coppola.

Synonymous with the French New Wave of Sixties filmmaking, Godard’s masterpieces include the likes Breathless and Le Mépris

In The Rise and Fall of a Small Film Company, Godard is at his allusive and self-referential best. Having been commissioned to direct a crime series on French TV, Godard chronicles the action around its production in an often absurdist manner, appearing out of nowhere as himself, returning to the idea of the movie that never gets made, and generally riffing on the art and life of a filmmaker. Following its premiere in New York last night, you can watch this masterful piece on MUBI from tomorrow for the next thirty days. 

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