Toronto International Film Festival 2013

12 Years a Slave

The amazing true story of Solomon Northup, a free black man from New York who was kidnapped and sold into slavery. Steve McQueen helms a powerhouse cast of Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt and Paul Giamatti. This is serious filmmaking, expect awards…


Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner and Jared Leto star in director Jean-Marc Vallée’s take on the true story of accidental AIDS activist Ron Woodroof, whose cross-border smuggling network brought much-needed treatment to HIV and AIDS patients neglected by the medical establishment.



Hugely anticipated Alfonso Cuarón / George Clooney sci-fi project. Word out of Toronto is that the 3-D breaks the mould and the staggering technical achievement is not at the expense of the storytelling. The Mexican filmmaker was not happy with the bombastic Warner Bros teaser trailer and perhaps with reason; this is, after all, a film the king of sci-fi James Cameron has already called “The best space movie ever…”


The Fifth Estate

Benedict Cumberbatch, Stanley Tucci and a stellar supporting cast tackle the hazards of the information age in the story of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.


The Double

Certainly our favourite trailer from TIFF. Richard Ayoade’s follow up to 2010’s indie, coming-of-age drama Submarine, pits Jesse Eisenberg against himself in an adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s 1846 novella of the same name. Son House’s ‘Grinnin’ in Your Face’ and shots of the enigmatic, perspiring cast members don’t give much away, but the early reports from Toronto are hugely positive.