Swallowing Camels

Last week I was in Norway and had the inestimable pleasure of visiting an idyllic beach cabin on the south coast near a town called Lillesand, a little north of Kristiansand. While not quite bathed in midnight rays, I was still treated to an unusually bright sun which turned into a red-violet, occidental orb at around 11pm. This after crab recently teased from the sea and mountains of pink prawns to peel in messy fashion. My companions on the trip were three lovely Norwegian girls, one my kjæaresten Sanne – who says we are like 'two peas in a pot'. They, desperate to improve my norsk skills, insisted on speaking the lingo with me and explaining issues that arose from my miscomprehension. One such was when I swore I heard something about camels. 'Yes, if you swallow some camels that means doing something that you don't want to or admitting you were wrong.'

We returned to an Oslo humming from Kraftwerk 3D at Øyafestivalen and plenty of options for nighttime japes, not least local boy Todd Terje in a hangar on the harbour by the opera house. So naturally we checked out Fagernes Yacht Klubb (a band formed in a small west-coast community that performs at the local yacht club) and their '80s covers,. One of the most entertaining evenings I've had in a while surprisingly. Not least for the version of 'That's Just The Way It is' that morphed seamlessly into 'Changes' with the remarkable female backup channeling the spirit of Tupac as lanky Norwegians cavorted in their pants on stage and an occupied paddling pool hovered across the crowd.

Camels swallowed.