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So It Goes x Club Monaco

StyleJoshua Bullock
So It Goes x Club Monaco

As most of you may know by now, So It Goes magazine is a title employing a very specific structure. Seven chapters addressing different fields from across the arts and culture: ‘The Actors’, ‘The Directors’, ‘The Artists’, ‘The Places’, ‘The Collections’, ‘The Musicians’ and ‘The Writers’. Though ‘The Collections’ chapter is dedicated to showcasing some of the best and brightest designers working today in our two seasonal fashion editorials, it’s fair to say that So It Goes HQ is comprised of a staff for whom sartorial pride sometimes falls by the wayside. There are, however, a small crop of brands that provide us with a helping hand – one stop shops for the So It Goes uniform – simple and timeless, contemporary but classic. One such brand is now, for the first time, opening its doors in the UK.

To celebrate the launch of the first UK Club Monaco menswear store, So It Goes creative director James Wright teamed up with the brand to document some of his favourite spots in and around their new home on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch, wearing the new collection.

So It Goes’ own picked the inimitable Artwords Bookshop – a repository of some the most interesting independent magazines and art books from around the world; Columbia Road’s Brawn restaurant (delicious, but not for the fainthearted) and the infamous Redchurch Street homeware staple, Labour and Wait.

Browse through the photo diary from our day out with Club Monaco and stop by their new store, opening this Friday.

All photos - Frances Davison






Labour and Wait: