Preston Bus Station Tribute

Jamie Hawkesworth’s pictures deliver a subtle but potent punch. You can almost tell that he swapped Forensic Science for Photography at university – his work is filled with such a gift for meticulously hunting out the unknown, even if the search starts in the most familiar of places. From well-worn bus stops to cross-country commuter trains, Jamie’s Britain consists of pedestrian moments turned momentous, of nondescript transitory zones made eternal, of commuters in regalia.

Preston Bus Station Tribute

Preston Bus Station Tribute 4

Preston Bus station Tribute 2

For Preston Bus Station Tribute, he immortalised everyday scenes at a bus station that will soon be demolished. The battered wood of the benches and the solitary figures that lean against them look as if they have been waiting for their buses for eternity, whilst the striking faces he captures in a split second brim with expression and character. In true documentary style, these pictures are a sincere tribute to a time and place which could easily slip away wholly unnoticed. A newspaper publication of the project was distributed at the stop and these golden moments fed right back into their environment, some destined to end crumpled on the backseat of a bus.

South Shields

South Shields 2

Jamie’s foray into fashion shows the same assault on the everyday as spunky forgotten kids don clothes with more edge then a hundred waif-like models, plucked from the backdrop of South Shields, which now becomes their catwalk. A different kind of icy blonde in a sharp, cobalt suit stares down the camera. We are looking forward to what comes next.