Esther Teichmann at Flowers Gallery

Walking around German–American artist Esther Teichmann’s new show at Flowers Gallery is like entering into the twilight zone within a camera; a place on the cusp of a dream where reality is reordered and rearranged. Filled with dripping canvases of haunted caves, dimly lit roaming nudes and exotic sea creatures flecked with colour, the visceral quality of Teichmann’s Fractal Scars, Salt Water and Tears pulls us into another world; ‘an impossible place’, punctured by fantasy, loss and desire. Echoing the mythic landscapes of her youth in the Rhine Valley near the Black Forest, Teichmann’s ventures seem to recreate and explore the dark swamps and caverns of her memory. Using her friends and family as models, faces are turned away and fractured bodies bask in the inky hues of her fantastical and primordial landscapes – people just out of reach, hiding in thick jungles and shadowy caves.

Loosely attached to a short story that you can pick up in the gallery, Teichmann’s installation occupies the vague space between autobiography and fiction, using photography, collage and moving image to slip between the two. The work is also drawn together beautifully in a limited edition book with a cyanotype cover, published by our favourites, Self Publish Be Happy. Spilling over all sorts of different mediums, Teichmann’s enigmatic work is one to be seen in the flesh.

Esther Teichmann’s ‘Fractal Scars, Salt Water and Tears’ at Flowers Gallery, 4 April until 10 May 2014 

untitled_from_fractal_scars_salt_water_and_tears_2012-2014_hand_painted_fibre_print_unique_in_a_series_of_5_c_esther_teichmann_courtesy_of_flowers_galleryuntitled_from_fractal_scars_salt_water_and_tears_2012-2014_c-print_c_esther_teichmann_courtesy_of_flowers_gallery_2 untitled_from_fractal_scars_salt_water_and_tears_2012-2014_c-print_c_esther_teichmann_courtesy_of_flowers_gallery_3 untitled_from_fractal_scars_salt_water_and_tears_2012-2014_c-print_c_esther_teichmann_courtesy_of_flowers_gallery untitled_from_fractal_scars_salt_water_and_tears_2012-2014_silver_gelatin_fibre_based_print_c_esther_teichmann_courtesy_of_flowers_gallery_2 untitled_from_fractal_scars_salt_water_and_tears_2012-2014_silver_gelatin_fibre_based_print_c_esther_teichmann_courtesy_of_flowers_gallery© All images by Esther Teichmann, courtesy of Flowers Gallery