Photographer – Eliot Lee Hazel

With So It Goes, Issue.2 on UK streets, it's time to take stock, reflect for a brief minute and soon realise there's little time to reflect and it's time to do it all over again. Countless post-it notes and scribbled diary entries amassed over the past half a year reveal dozens of photographers who've caught our eye; a mess of inspirations ready to be ordered for e-mail introductions. Try as we might, however, we can't help but return to the work of our favourite photographer working today, Eliot Lee Hazel.

Having worked with Eliot on So It Goes, Issue.1 for our LA shoot with actor Felicity Jones – (and previously at Fourth & Main Journal on our feature with Nora Arnezeder) – we fell for the befuddling accent (by way of Newcastle, Amsterdam and Silverlake) and love of light leaks, expired film and overarching genius in finding perfection in the imperfect.

We salute you Eliot Lee Hazel. May it not be too long before we work together again soon.


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