Parlour, Kensal Rise - restaurant review

So It Goes' editorial team thought long and hard on where they wanted to go for the company office party. Sole stipulations being that the location should be in the west London area, have a smoking area, boast a convivial atmosphere and be entirely empty of photocopiers. Parlour succeeded on this count and far more. We kicked off with (and kicked off over) its chestnut hummus and rosemary pittas, popcorn chicken and duck liver paté starters. After our first taste of the freshly baked sourdough bread and whipped cream the remaining slices were divvied up under watchful eyes.  Starter portions were hearty and the hummus in particular, with its caramelised red onions and parsley garnish, a delight.

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Parlour offers a simple but stylish decor with wooden floors and butcher-shop white wall tiles. There are upholstered benches and upcycled chairs, white marble tops and shabby chic wooden tables, but it all comes together to make for a warmer atmosphere than such clean lines might suggest. The staff are attentive and friendly, food was prompt and they were very relaxed with the lengthy smoking trips to the covered cubicles of the decked garden out the back of the gleaming, airy dining area.

In keeping with the earthy, Anglo-Franco fare Parlour does so well, for mains the team's orders included a beautiful chicken kyiv on a large hash brown over a bed of autumnal grated vegetables; sea trout with samphire and asparagus; wild duck with mash that was still quacking and delicious with it. A bashful lemon posset and hearty sticky toffee followed. Briefly.


All in all a splendid English walk of a lunch that went into dinnertime. We hoped never to leave. Dine inside and out.

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