Nicola Hicks

So It Goes director Joshua Bullock was lucky enough to spend a week with the internationally celebrated sculptor Nicola Hicks as she and her team installed two shows: one at Yale University's Centre for British Art, the other at Flowers Gallery, New York. He is currently making a short film of the experience. In the meantime, here are some photos from Hicks' Flowers Gallery exhibition. Photography can only pay sculpture lip service, so just imagine how much more beautiful they are in the flesh (or straw and plaster). Her pieces address the animal in all of us, and all of us in the animal. Hicks is unashamedly matter-of-fact about her work, pointing to the great Louise Bourgeois' title for her mantra: 'I Do, I Undo, I Redo'.

Her Yale show runs until March 9th and her Flowers show until January 18th. 


hicks_51758_2 hicks_51758_3

Both images and main: 'Dress for the Woods II', 2013, plaster (to be cast in bronze)


hicks_49399 Nicola Hicks

From left: 'Hypocrites', 2011, plaster (to be cast in bronze); 'Banker II', 2009, bronze


Nicola Hicks at Flowers

'Banker I', 2009, plaster (to be cast in bronze)



'Untitled', 2010, charcoal on brown paper

All images © Nicola Hicks, courtesy of Flowers Gallery