Los Porcos

If you’ve been wondering what the former members of WU LYF are up to, they’re in with the ‘disco-house pigs’ Los Porcos. Heralding a shabby 70s disco revival, their music couldn’t be further from the former band’s moody indie rock that enlightened a cult of adoring fans before leaving them high and dry. Essentially a bunch of friends who fell in love on tour, WU LYF’s drummer Joe Manning, bassist Tom McClung and guitarist Evans Kati are joined by members from FAMY and Profondo in a 7-piece super jam of lip-smacking disco and glorified tastelessness. Often clad in all white and sporting ridiculous sunglasses, Los Porcos welcome any kind of stage invasion as audiences gear up to join in their depraved junkets of hilarity and revelry. Going to one of their gigs is like boarding a debauched yacht party with carousing crew members blaring out crappy disco classics to an enthusiastic jumble of handsome dads dancing ham-handedly.

With a name supposedly inspired by the Japanese animated adventure film Porco Rosso, their carefree, tongue-in-cheek manner offsets the industry folk, no doubt intentionally. Whilst sticking a friendly middle finger up at those who take themselves a little too seriously, Los Porcos poke a fun fire-iron into the furnace of moping, maudlin music. Their smooth funk and good-times sounds will “make you feel aalright”.


Los Porcos recently released a double A-side 12" with ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Classically Feminine Woman’ on Caledonia Records.