Josh Hedge

Josh Hedge is a 23-year-old self taught photographer who captures moments on film which seem to embody Australia's most enduring charms - golden remnants of sunsets, beautiful girls lost in nature and soaked in sunshine, and the ever changing boundaries between sea and sky. In his own words, his art has allowed him 'to see the world for what it really is, filled with complete joy, the spontaneity and ability to live life by the minute, explore places not-so-familiar, make others happy, to know that there's always someone else out there that has it worse off than you do (no matter how shit you have it at the time), so to always be grateful. To wake up with every sunrise, to do what makes you smile and be with whoever it is that will share a smile with you, spend your money on making memories that last... to respect our planet and the other inhabitants we share it with and love our families... above all, to love yourself.'

Some of our favourite images by Josh are featured here, to see more you can check out his blog, site, or follow him on Instagram.






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All images courtesy of Josh Hedge.