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CultureJoshua Bullock

“Right, here’s how we’re going to do it. Caspar you bump into the bloke as he walks down the street. Get annoyed with him. Guy – you jump in and break it up. Ollie you’re a couple of paces behind Guy, you come in and slip the tracking device in his coat pocket when he’s distracted." In the week of the new Bond’s release, it felt right for our group of six naive spies to be tailing shady operatives down Waterloo’s side streets and saying mysterious things into our wrist. The problem with writing these experiences up is ruining the illusion by giving too many details.

A brief overview is that if you go on CoLab’s ingenious new immersive game/play which sees groups take part in an intimate two part performance – one out on the streets, the other in a warehouse – where the aim of the game is to outwit the enemy over a series of tasks using guile, ingenuity and a few super-sleuth accessories.

Partners include the Young Vic and the team behind this great ride have worked on Punchdrunk productions and other spectacles so you’ll be in good hands. I can say no more, due to various disclaimers and the Walther PPK resting at the base of my spine.

Running to November 21st, regular evening departures, 60 minutes long.

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All images courtesy of CoLab Theatre.