Girls' Adam Driver - Issue. 2 sneak peek

Girls' Adam Driver - Issue. 2  sneak peek

Generations are defined by television. The 80s had Dallas, the 90s had Friends, and the Noughties had The Sopranos. Generation Y has been gifted Lena Dunham’s Girls; a show that's devoured the cultural zeitgeist over two seasons with its arch depiction of the lives of four twentysomething women trying to ‘make it’ in New York. Ironically enough, the erratic, sexually profane and loveable antics of Lena Dunham’s on-off boyfriend Adam – played by Adam Driver – have resulted in the guy in Girls being the breakout star of the hit HBO show. Luxuriating in the comfort of Milk Studio 1, a master of medium format photography Lauren Dukoff stepped behind the lens, Danielle Nachmani styled and long-time friend of So it Goes and MilkMade’s finest Jamie Burke produced.

You can see the full print feature in So it Goes Issue.2 (out in November) but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes. A big thanks to Milk Studios and all who made the day such a success.

All photos © James Wright + So It Goes

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