New Face: Georgia @ Ford

IMG_6572 Where are you from and how did you start modeling?

I'm English but everyone thinks I'm Australian because I began modeling there.

What is your dream modeling job?

When I was little I used to always want to be one of the Gillette Venus girls with shiny legs but now I think it would probably be to work with Juergen Teller.

What has been your favorite modeling job so far?

Doing groceries at the Chanel supermarket. It wasn't cheap but dayum those checkout boys were chic. See ya, Whole Foods.


Any plans for the summer?

It's my birthday soon so I'm going to count how many Facebook wall posts I get and then either celebrate or commiserate with real friends and beer in the sun.

Describe your perfect summer day.

I don't know but it would be shot in soft focus and probably involve some slow mo beach running, clinking glasses, and a laughter montage.


georgia_  5

What is your current favorite song?

Ventura Highway by America.

Any summertime movies you could recommend?

No, go outside and frolic. (But also 10 Things I Hate About You)

Top 5 things you can't live without in the summertime.

3 friends, 1 cold beer, and the ocean.



Photographer: Alejandra Sabillon

Model: Georgia Graham @ Ford