Daymé Arocena - Don’t Unplug My Body

Today marks the release of the music video for the Daymé Arocena track ‘Don’t Unplug My Body’. So It Goes director and editor Joshua Bullock was commissioned by DJ/BBC broadcaster Gilles Peterson’s record label Brownswood to make the film. Daymé was spotted as a 15 year old by Peterson himself during early recordings in Cuba for the Havana Cultura sessions. In collaboration with Havana Club rum, these records have given local musicians an international platform to showcase the vibrant, fertile landscape of the modern Cuban underground. Daymé's own eclectic range - encompassing jazz, timba, soul, scat and much more besides - reflects this kaleidoscopic variety. She is a bona fide star on the rise.

Daymé follows Santería, an Afro-Caribbean religion popular in Cuba which combines Yoruba and Roman Catholic elements. In this film her clothes, the primary colour scheme and the natural forms projected, all reflect Santería's animist beliefs and the universal energies held to infuse all things.

With thanks to India Windsor-Clive for art direction, Luca Torrente on camera and grade, Ollie Barron on SFX.

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